Friday, February 24, 2023

RXL-Realms Call of Duty: Mobile Official Showcase | GOLIATH

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Witness the adventures of Azmir Dakos in the realm of Call of Duty: Mobile and his deadly bullets raising high and cracking heads all way through!

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Disc Launcher 8 Stalker | DAMAGE RAMPANT

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CLIP: [RXL] Mech Arena CR6

In #MechArenaOfficial this battle represents how Azmir Dakos has played Stalker with Disc Launcher 8 to complete a display of Mech ability, kills and probably hidden stats via Mech Arena: Robot Showdown from #Plarium.

Hangar setup:
Stalker with double Disc Launcher 8

Stalker is very essential for mid progress accounts. Disc launcher 8 is the most suitable weapon for such adversary. Indeed the Disc Launcher 8 is the most inferior weapon in the entire Disc Launcher family but it is the most effective weapon for damage boosting Mechs like Stalker. This should be applicant to Disc Launcher 12 too. Moreover Disc Launcher 16 will be devastating than any of them.


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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

RXL-Realms now is on Google PlayStore!

We wish to inform you about our success in joining google play store! This requires huge celebration!! Our first app is a concept of a portal with links to whatever connected in our networks and social media like Youtube or twitch with a built in-chat in case our audience want to communicate with each other. The app is still an alpha release. Please give us huge download ratio by trying the app on your mobile devices. It has been verified by google play store in pending review before it is out. That means it is 100% legit and secure. thank you for your huge support until this point. You can download our app [here]

Monday, January 23, 2023

Duelyst Open Source Announcement

Duelyst has been announced to free open source but there is as well drama and questioning about the confidentiality and genuinity of the information. RXL-Realms them took the advantage to be the dark horse in this game and explained everything elegantly through out different networks. Each link will tell you something different or important make sure to visit all and join all!

RXL-Duelyst Android Github: [here]
Ragezone Participation: [here]
RXL-SMF Forum Projects: [here]
RXL-WP Duelyst Background: [here]