Saturday, May 28, 2022

We are back now in business!

We have just returned! We are creating major upgrade to all our contents and networks. We are confident we will earn tremendous traffic due of how we have planned out to boost our network. Presumably that our inactive/lacking content has taken a big notice from our welcomed viewers and disapproved audience, we are going to assure you we are no longer busy or bound by occupations. We are going as well to use our native localization to our advantage to increase the views. That means no more drawbacks or false premises. RXL-Realms, SparkRiders Studio and FireLords Nation Network are going full throttle now. It is too late for any negative audience to stop the flow of things that are going to change now! We have changed our policies, morale codes, code of conduct and we are receiving more staff members under our command. The potential will be unleashed. There is no stopping us at this point!