Thursday, April 29, 2021

[REVELATION] Dragons Prophet Scam from 2017 & 2020

Dragons Prophet was the best simulation where you get dragon ride and dragon tame. After the shutdown of NA American server. Infernum converted to Gamigo while owning the EU server. They had their own kind of conspiracy yet again. Firstly they scammed the public onto E-Purchases without refunds. The premium e-currency was never purchasable since they got sort of bug they claimed it to be technical issue but they never compensated for all player's real money. They tried to slander one of private servers and it was Turkish. It was called BOBYGames. Once Gamigo had terminated their service and pickpocketed all users in the previous scam. They did affiliate with blog writers and series of private servers which are “Whitelisted” in their prefix list. If you do not join their affiliation network which is unofficial and secretive behind the scenes, you are not allowed to host anything of their titles or to own your various space of streaming or to get any popularity for that matter. That means "no independence" . Additionally when they send spies, they attack you if you own sort of service or server that was hired from Runewaker or purchased from black markets or shared by leaked sources. You shall become target ultimately for slandering and defamation whether you are legit or illegal. Want to understand this revelation in a better view and more detailed fashion? It is exclusive news and found only by FireLords Nation and hosted on RXL-Realms. We shared a copy of it on the links below

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Logs which are showing the conspiracy [Here] Recommended to read to avoid possible fraud sources
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